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online patient care technician programsWhether you choose an online program or a more traditional option through a community college, you must be confident that your education will provide you with the necessary skills to excel as a Certified Patient Care Technician. The possibility of studying from home can be very appealing. US Career Institute offers a self-paced online program. It is cheap but is it worthwhile? Should we really recommend this kind of a program to you?

Even though an online study program might seem to save you time and money in the short term, will it truly prepare you for a career in the highly competitive medical field? You are planning to commit to 4-6 months of your time and approximately 360-600 hours of classroom/clinical hours to get your Patient Care Technician certification. Shouldn’t you get your training from the best accredited school, community college, or program available? Remember that your education is a foundation that you may choose to build upon in the future. A solid program may open doors for you and inspire you to dream and aim a little higher.

A PCT requires a variety of skills that must be performed with a patient. Would not a classroom environment where you can practice with fellow students with the supervision and instruction of a teacher be more beneficial for most people? For example, can you practice checking vitals in a classroom with a greater chance of becoming proficient over watching a video or reading a lesson online?

Some Additional Thoughts:

  • One of the largest barriers to getting a job as a PCT is lack of experience. With a traditional program you have a chance to possibly gain some experience that you could highlight during your job search.
  • The classroom environment offers opportunities to network with peers, gain insight from different instructors and medical professionals.
  • A traditional classroom environment gives you an opportunity to make lasting friends, get references, job leads or contacts that may lead you to a job interview and possible your first job.
  • A structured learning environment will encourage you to stick with the program and graduate.
  • Would your online program help you arrange an externship or clinicals?
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the person making hiring decisions in a major hospital. What would you prefer in a candidate’s educational background?

Above all, do your research before enrolling in any study program. Read actual testimonies from students who have graduated from the training program. Consult family, friends and successful Certified Patient Care Technicians in your community in order to gain insight, advice, encouragement to help you will chose the right training avenues that will give you the best chance for professional success.

At this time we have not found an online program that we would recommend. Please be assured that we are not biased against the medium of online education however, we are aware that this medium has its weakness and strengths. It is our opinion that more traditional education programs can better deliver the type of hands on and individual training you will need to be successful. We do believe that it is possible to coordinate an excellent online program but such a program would not be easy to deploy on a national level. The only online classes we would recommend are those from a community college which also has a physical location and structured times to meet so that you can develop and practice skills that are difficult to learn on your couch.

We at believe you deserve to have the training that will provide a good career outcome, give you respect among other medical professionals and give your patients the very best care as a result of your knowledge and skills.  Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which program is best for you.


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