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patient care assistant salaryShow Me The Money!

Let’s be honest for a moment. You probably wouldn’t be looking for a career if you didn’t need to make money. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Your desire to earn a living does not invalidate your desire to care for people in need. It is important that you understand the financial implications you are accepting when choosing to become a Patient Care Tech.

So let’s begin with the basics:

The average Patient Care Technician Salary (PCT) is approximately $30,000.*

That’s not bad but how does it compare with other positions?

The average salary for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is approximately $23,000.*

You can easily see that there is a financial advantage to seeking to enter the medical field as a PCT over a CNA.

Things that may affect your salary

  1. Experience – Lack of experience can often be a sticking point when attempting to get your first job in the medical field. This can also be a major factor in terms of your expected starting salary. You might have to take a first job in a nursing home for $10/hour but you will want to have a plan in mind to leverage that experience in your next move before settling and only after you have exhausted all your options.
  2. Shift Differentials – If you plan on continuing your education after becoming a PCT then night shifts may work best for you. Another added benefit is that these less popular shifts often come with a premium to your hourly rate.
  3. Location – Certain states have higher costs of living and you can expect higher pay in some markets for this reason.
  4. Facility/Department – If you are starting off in a nursing home instead of a hospital or clinic then you can expect to make less in most cases. Also, different departments have varying responsibilities and sometimes differing pay rates.
  5. Specializations – From Hemodialysis Patient Care Technicians to ED Patient Care Technicians there are a range of further specializations and sometimes additional certifications that can affect your pay.

A recent survey of 81 PCTs revealed a salary range of up to $45,139**

If you want to maximize your compensation in your market then you need to make a plan! If you don’t then you might find yourself in five years either in a facility you dislike or making significantly below your potential.¬† Perhaps both in the worst case!

Considering we have found each other here at, I doubt you will be a passive participant who misses out on the opportunities that lay ahead.

 Average PCT Salary by State

Arkansas$28kNew Hampshire$29k
California$32kNew Jersey$32k
Colorado$26kNew Mexico$26k
Connecticut$33kNew York$36k
Delaware$27kNorth Carolina$29k
Florida$28kNorth Dakota$27k
Indiana$29kRhode Island$28k
Iowa$28kSouth Carolina$27k
Kansas$26kSouth Dakota$22k
Minnesota$26kWest Virginia$29k


*Salary data from Indeed Salary Search. Search was performed by Job Title Only and using the terms “Patient Care Technician” and “Certified Nursing Assistant”.

** Salary range data from


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