Patient Care Technician Responsibilities

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A young pretty asian nurse outside the hospitalIn the medical field there is both increasing need and opportunity for skilled Patient Care Technicians. Whether you are seeking your first job or expanding your resume, status as a Certified Patient Care Technician (CPCT) can be obtained in a short time frame and make a measurable difference in the lives of patients as well as your professional and financial outlook.

Employers typically assign more technical duties to the Patient Care Techs (PCT) over Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) due to increased training and expertise. Your duties will bring you face to face with your patients utilizing the valuable skills and certifications that you have acquired in the course your training as a PCT such as EKG and Phlebotomy Technician Certifications.

As a Patient Care Technician,  you will report directly to the charge nurse who might be a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or even a doctor during certain patient care.

Medical Role Of A Certified Patient Care Technician

  • monitor the patient’s blood pressure
  • record the patient’s vital signs
  • record the patient’s temperature
  • assist medical team with the patient’s physical exam
  • assist medical team with the patient’s diagnostic testing
  • monitor the patient’s catheter output and chart it
  • change wound dressings

Non-Medical Role Of A Certified Patient Care Technician

  • help the patient with bathing and personal hygiene (combing hair, shaving, brushing teeth etc.)
  • assist the patient in and out of chairs and beds so as to avoid falls.
  • transport the patient to and from testing, therapy, cafeteria, bathroom, etc.
  • personal interaction in order to get a good idea of how the patient is generally doing, their state of mind and possible side affects from medications (like dizzy, severe stomach issues, etc.)
  • answer the patient’s call button serving as a first line of communication.
  • Assist meeting patient needs within your range of duties prior to getting the RN, LPN or Doctor involved.

Your role as a Patient Care Technician, within a medical team, will allow you to bring vital skills as well as your own special personal touch to the care your patients receive. With the number of baby boomer retiring and aging, you can anticipate a healthy number of job openings in a range of facilities. If you have a passion to help people and the desire to have a rewarding career, then becoming a Patient Care Technician may be a perfect fit!


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