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A globe of the Earth and a medical stethoscope.You may only have one brief opportunity to make a good impression and give the employer a snap shot of your experience and skills. Being prepared and going to the interview armed with questions and answers that the interviewer will most likely ask can greatly improve your chances of getting further interviews or even being hired.

Enter the interview room with confidence, give a firm handshake, be relaxed but maintain proper posture, make eye contact with the interviewer. Remember common courtesies like please, thank you and you are welcome. Avoid slang and maintain a calm voice as your anxiety and nervousness will subside as you get comfortable in the interview process.

Listen carefully to each question when you are being interviewed. Stay focused and address the specific question truthfully with a relaxed, calm, informed manner.

Typically the interviewer will begin the interview by asking you to tell him or her about yourself. The interviewer needs to hear details about your past training, clinical and real work experiences, and your future plans, not your personal life. Have confidence in yourself, remember that you are trained, qualified and prepared for the Certified Patient Care Technician  position.

As a Certified Patient Care Technician you might want to start with your educational information, school and date of your certification. Talk about what you learned and your plans for continued learning as you practice and your desire to a valued member of a medical team. Share you knowledge, skills and accomplishments that mirror the job description skills for the position that you are applying for.

Don’t rush into answering a question. It is alright to take a few seconds to gather your thoughts prior to answering. Keep your answers brief and to the point. Just a few succinct sentences can sum up what you have to offer and how it will benefit the employer.

Employers appreciate prepared job candidates who are honest and have question to ask at the end of the interview.

Prepare for the interview by writing down interview questions. Familiarize yourself with the main points, know your general answers, don’t memorize as the interviewer will pick up on this. Ask friends and family to help you practice the interview. Be yourself and elaborate naturally as you are speaking. If you prepare you are more likely to be relaxed, calm and self-confident walking into the interview.

Standard interview questions that you can prepare for?

  • Describe something about yourself.
  • Why are you seeking a position in the health care field as a Certified Patient Care Technician?
  • What promoted you to apply for the Certified Patient Care Technician job opening?
  • Explain what you already know about the Certified Patient Care Technician position and our organization?
  • Name some necessary things that you are seeking in this Certified Patient Care Technician job?
  • Explain why we should hire you as a Certified Patient Care Technician?
  • Explain how you would resolve a conflict between yourself and your co-worker?
  • Describe your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Describe your best qualities?
  • How do you handle yourself in a situation unfamiliar to you?
  • Explain how you would deal with a patient who displays anger with you?
  • Explain how you would respond in an emergency situation?
  • What were the reasons for leaving your last position?
  • What are your career goals in the next five years?
  • Are you interviewing with other facilities?

As part of good etiquette is to follow up the interview with a letter to your interviewer. This letter will show your professionalism. Sending this letter sets you apart from applicants who do not send a letter. Your thank you needs to be short and to the point. Be sure to thank your interviewer for his or her time and express enthusiasm for the Certified Patient Care Technician position.

What should you wear to the Patient Care Technician job interview?

Be prepared for this situation by dressing neat and professional. Keep in mind that your overall appearance says a great deal about you to a prospective employer. Portray professionalism and trust as you walk confidently into the room.

A dark colored skirt (not loud with wild colors or prints) or professional looking pant suit will never a bad choice. Dress slacks with a professional looking blouse (not loud with wild colors or prints) might be the right choice. Neutral colors like tan, gray, brown, black, and white are always a good choice. Make sure that your clothes are clean, neat (ironed), fit well (not binding or too loose) and comfortable.

Keep perfume, lotion and deodorant smells subtle. Wear minimum make-up and avoid long brightly colored artificial nails, unprofessional hairstyles, unusual body piercing and tattoos. Avoid miniskirts, shirts or sweaters that are too tight or revealing, clothing with stains, wrinkles or holes.

When you go for an application be prepared. Look presentable, because you might be invited to interview immediately.


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