About Us

Why Choose PCTPCA.com?


PCTPCA.com is your #1 online source for patient care tech information.  We strive to make your journey easier whether you are at the initial stage of exploring this career or are returning to the field after taking a break.

Growth in the medical field is expected to continue at a higher rate than average in the United States and the demand for quality patient care technicians continues to be strong.  In addition, working as a patient care technician can be a launching pad for other exciting and rewarding careers in the medical field.

We are here to help you on this journey.

We realize that many of you who are interested in becoming a patient care technician do not know what is required. You may be unsure of the exact steps you must take in order to become certified and secure employment in your particular state.  Additionally, many of you desire additional insight into the future of this career path. You might be interested in receiving additional training as well as a better understanding of the opportunities and options that can help you excel both as a professional and financially.

PCTPCA.com was created with these goals in mind! We want to partner with you and help guide you to a successful and rewarding career!


What’s Special About PCTPCA.com?

If you have looked for information elsewhere online, you might have noticed that it is either from a school desiring you to pay their tuition or it is from some government organization that is not very user friendly.  Often, visitors leave these sites with more questions than answers and in some cases can even become discouraged or confused.

We want to provide a clear understanding of the next steps in your journey and to help you walk through the entire process.  Our mission is to help good candidates, like yourself, attain your goals and provide outstanding patient care to those who need your talents.