Care Plan For Elderly and Chronically Sick Patients

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018068555_Nurse talking to an elderly woman in a wheelchairCertified Patient Care Technicians serve patients of all ages. You may be required to serve elderly and chronically ill patients in a variety of medical settings. Your duties will be different depending on the medical setting. For example, working in a nursing home requires constant daily care for an extended period of time, because the patients live there. Like with all your patients developing a good relationship and showing empathy is very important when working with the elderly.

You may have younger patients with physical or mental disabilities that require long term care in many medical settings. Loneliness is the biggest complaint in these long term medical facilities. This is caused by an overburdened medical system. Patient Care Technicians quite often find that the number of patients and patient care tasks in each given day can be overwhelming and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to understand patients’ feelings or their emotional concerns.
When they are taking care of patients in these long term medical facilities you must keep in mind that the patients have very special emotional, mental and physical challenges. These patients will require a deal of your time and skills. Some of your time will be spent assisting patients who cannot walk properly and need help in reaching bath rooms or even need assistant taking baths or showers. In cases where your patient is mobile and can bathe by themselves you may still need to provide them with items like soap, shampoo, lotion, wash cloth, towel, tooth brush, tooth paste, etc. Some patients will need help with not only bathing, but assistance with brushing teeth, combing hair or helping male’s shave daily.

You will have duties like monitoring and recording patients’ vital signs. Daily charting of your activities with each patient will be expected like with any medical setting. You might help patient’s perform range of motion exercises, observe and report patients’ food and liquid intake, keep water pitcher filled and encourage fluid consumption, help them in feeding and in transportation to places like the dinning room, day room, patio, etc.

Handling patients who are chronically ill always a challenge in many ways. You will work with patient’s who have suffered from heart attacks; emphysema, advanced diabetes, strokes and chronic conditions such as cancer, etc. You will routinely encounter depression, fear, fatigue and frustration. These residents may require extra care and concern from the health professionals.

As a trained professional Patient Care Technician you will need to be calm and patient while performing daily care activities for your patients. Some patients may be hard to work with and even become belligerent and refuse to take medicines or go to their assigned therapy You will need to handle these patients with firm, polite, empathic care. them politely, with a great care.

You will use most all of your skills, experience along with physical and emotional strength to care for the elderly and critically ill. Working in this field has many rewards for both you and your patients.


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