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Welcome and congratulations on your decision to explore a career as a Patient Care Technician!

The medical field is constantly expanding and your skills as a Patient Care Tech can help ensure both increased compensation and opportunity even in a struggling economy.

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Patient Care Technician Job Description

At the most basic level, a patient care tech can be understood as a nurse assistant with some additional advanced training. With this added skill set, a patient care tech offers hospitals and medical facilities far more flexibility and value over traditional CNAs.

The job description of a PCT will vary depending upon the facility and state in which you work. EKG and Phlebotomy Technician skills are the most pronounced differences in job descriptions when comparing PCTs to CNAs. For more information please click here.

Patient Care Technician Salary

patient care technician

As a patient care tech, you can generally expect a higher range of compensation compared to certified nurse assistants.

On average PCTs make an additional $7,000 a year compared to CNAs. This additional income makes an affordable certification program a wise investment.

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Patient Care Technician Jobs

Continuing growth in the medical field has provided great opportunities for employment. Patient Care Technicians enable medical facilities to offer quality patient care while balancing the cost of care.

Take a look at our patient care technician job board to see the potential opportunities for yourself.

Patient Care Technician Training

Schools and programs to prepare you for this career are offered throughout the country. If you are new to the health care field, comprehensive programs are available to supply all the education and expertise you need to be successful. As an experienced CNA, you may be eligible to attend a program designed to bring you up to speed quickly to qualify for Patient Care Technician Certification. In many cases, these programs can be completed while you continue to work.

Visit our school programs directory to explore options near you!

Patient Care Technician Certification

patient care tech certificationOnce you have completed an approved program, you will be eligible to receive patient care tech certification. There are three organizations that offer certification. Based on your program, you may be certified by either the NHA, NCCT or NCCA.

In addition, most programs prepare students to qualify for EKG and Phlebotomy Technician certifications.

Patient Care Technician Jobs in NYC

Opportunity abounds in NYC! Check out more information on our New York page.

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